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Uddeholm orders second ESR plant at INTECO

After the successful signing of the final acceptance certificate for the first 30t ESR plant delivered within a year, Uddeholm asked INTECO to build another identical remelting furnace.

Mid of May INTECO received the order for the engineering and supply of an ESR plant from the world’s biggest high performance tool steel producer Uddeholm in Sweden.

The second plant is an identical copy of the 30t INTECO ESR furnace that has already been successfully started up in April this year. Again, the new plant design for a static mould configuration that has been developed throughout the last years will be implemented. It allows protective gas operation within a pressure range up to three bar.

A smooth project process, delivery and start up on schedule where the drives of success for the first ESR project and will be also essential for this follow up project.

INTECO acquires majority shares of SPT Swedish Process Technology AB

End of May INTECO acquired 70 % of shares as well as all intellectual property rights from the Swedish engineering company SPT Swedish Process Technology AB, located in Falun.

The Ingot Casting specialist will become part of the INTECO Group under its new name INTECO SPT swedish process technologies and strengthen this product sector with its expertise and long-time experience. Furthermore INTECO SPT will be the INTECO Group contact for Scandinavian customers.

With its process technology and plant engineering, the INTECO Group is able to facilitate all production processes starting from scrap as raw material followed by liquid treatment of steel, ferroalloys, superalloys and finished by the ingot or continuous casting process and the subsequent remelting technologies.



We hope to see you soon - INTECO Carnival of Technologies

On 20th of June the INTECO Carnival of Technologies at the METEC in Dusseldorf closed its doors. For five days we were delighted to host you at our booth, had interesting conversations with our business partners and also had the chance to meet new faces from around the world. Thank you!




Metal Ravne orders EAF Revamping at INTECO (Kopie 1)

In March METAL RAVNE has awarded INTECO with the complete revamping of its 1991 FUCHS EAF furnace.

INTECO will convert the old 45t EAF into a furnace matching today’s technology standards by implementing state of the art injection technology, a new SwingDoor, an off gas pressure monitoring system, as well as a new automation system, the ISEC electrode regulation system and a robotic device for temperature and sampling.

The revamping will lead to a higher operator safety, an increase of the overall performance and a fully reproducible and customizable EAF process control which is crucial for high quality steel plants, where the steel grades and related operational practises change at every heat.

The project will be carried out by INTECO special melting technologies supported by INTECO PTI for the injection technology as well as the SwingDoor and by INTECO atec automation for electrical-, and automation engineering as well as the electrode control. It is a great opportunity for INTECO to show the varied skills of the group members and most importantly the competence, expertise and teamwork available for the customer. Due to the long-term relationship with Metal Ravne and the great cooperation throughout the past years a successful commissioning of the EAF furnace beginning of August 2015 can be assured.

...and the INTECO ASMET award goes to Dr. Peter Presoly

For the 5th time in a row INTECO awarded a prize in cooperation with the Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials for a scientific paper. What the jury looked for and found was innovative spirit, determination and diligence.

As part of the ASMET Forum of Metallurgy, taking place on the 19th of May at the University of Leoben the winning scientific paper of the INTECO ASMET Award was introduced. This year the trophy, a creation of the Austrian artist Herbert Gahr, was presented to DI Dr. mont. Peter Presoly for his PhD thesis “Influence of alloying elements on the hypo-peritectic phase transformation in steels” by Dr. Wolfgang Holzgruber, found of INTECO.




Two impressive results for INTECO at Ruspolymet: First Heat and FAC

In April 2015 INTECO was able to reach two important milestones at its Russian prime customer Ruspolymet.

Beginning of this month the first heat was successfully carried out at the INTECO ESR plant. This 10t combined short collar- and static mold plant can produce ingots with a diameter of 750 mm and uses electrodes from the INTECO VIM plant.

The Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for the complete engineering, supply and installation of a 3t multi-chamber vacuum induction melting furnace has been signed and therefore this first order from Ruspolymet successfully completed.

The further commissioning of the ESR furnace is scheduled until end of May 2015.

INTECO Group buys patents and further intellectual property rights from Fuchs Group

In March 2015, the worldwide supplier of the steel industry INTECO has acquired all patents and further intellectual property rights of the companies Fuchs Technology GmbH, Fuchs Engineering GmbH and Fuchs Products GmbH.

The patents and further intellectual property rights pertain to a range of innovative products and technologies for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces. These products and technologies will, as of completion of the purchase agreement, be marketed by INTECO Group.

With its technology and plant engineering, INTECO group is able to facilitate all production processes for the liquid treatment of steel, ferroalloys and superalloys.



INTECO Group to build caster for Jiangsu Sha Gang, China

In December 2014 the INTECO Group was awarded with the engineering and delivery of a new 5 strand bloom caster by Jiangsu Sha Gang Group. Jiangsu Sha Gang is located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China and ranges among the top ten steel producers worldwide with an annual production capacity of over 35 million tons.

The new 5-strand caster is designed for a bloom size of 300 × 400 mm and shall be used to produce engineering steels, spring steels and bearing steels as well as highest-quality tire cord grades. INTECO will be responsible for the complete engineering and supply of key mechanical components, electrics, Level 1 and Level 2 automation with technological packages as well as implementation and commissioning services.

The caster is a 9 m vertical bending machine, featuring latest state-of-the-art developments such as INTECO TBR’s high precision mould level master, hydraulic oscillation, dynamic air-mist spray cooling, dynamic mechanical soft reduction based on INTECO’s high-end 3D solidification model, on line bloom surface temperature measurement and on line quenching. As a last highlight, the direct link to Sha Gang’s rolling mill with hot charging facilities must be mentioned.

The delivery of equipment for this project will be in late 2015 and the first heat is planned for mid-2016.



INTECO team excited about first heat at BGH Lippendorf

End of February the INTECO start up team and local staff carried out the first heat with the new VAR furnace at regular customer BGH Lippendorf.

The contract for this plant was signed in 2014 and start of erection at the German special steel producer commenced in November of the same year. One year after the order date both supplier and client are happy to have reached the next important project milestone.

The furnace delivered by INTECO produces ingots with a diameter of 860 mm and a maximum ingot weight of 11t.

BGH Lippendorf’s order history at INTECO speaks for itself: After the supply of a VIM, ESR and Pressure ESR plant, some of them being under operation since 20 years, everybody is looking forward to the successful completion of this project.



Dun & Bradstreet Rating 2014

INTECO sends kids to Graz to build the change with Lego

Visions become reality: Sponsored by INTECO over 20 students of the Bruck highschool were sent to Graz for the Lego “Build the Change “ event. There the kids were asked to show how they imagined their future with Lego bricks. “Build the Change” is a concept developed by the Danish Lego Group to give kids a voice.

The federation of Styrian industries brought this event to Graz. 4 days over 7000 kids had the chance to build their future with about 10 Million bricks.

Also INTECO’s employees’ kids took the chance an participated in the fun.




Ruspolymet places second follow-up order for INTECO

In June 2014 the Russian special steel producer Ruspolymet assigned INTECO with the engineering and supply of a 6t VAR plant.

This is already the second follow-up order for INTECO:  This new VAR furnace follows the 10t ESR plant sold in fall 2013 and the 2012 VIM project. The VIM is already being assembled and the ESR furnace is about to be delivered. Obviously there is no better evidence of the customer’s satisfaction with INTECO’s up to date work than placing this new order.

The highly modern vacuum arc remelting furnace will remelt the electrode produced by the VIM furnace and give Ruspolymet the opportunity to in future open up foreign markets. The produced ingots will have a max. diameter of 700 mm and an approximate weight of 6t. Furthermore the newly developed INTECO Level 2 system will allow Ruspolymet to administrate, metallurgically guide and optimize the whole process chain – VIM, ESR, VAR.

Right now Ruspolymet and INTECO are discussing further joint projects and a possible future strategic partnership.


The 5th annual INTECO ASMET award was presented at the ASMET Forum gala dinner in Leoben. The winner Martin Egger won the first price with his doctor thesis. Second winner was Jakob Six and 3rd Dominik Schöne. The winners share price money of 4000 Euro.

The INTECO Group at the AISTech 2014

The joint both of INTECO special melting technologies and PTI LLC was a great success at this year’s AISTech in Indianapolis. Besides the signature Austrian chalet style of INTECO also several exhibits such as the famous SWINGdoorTM of PTI were the attractions of the booth. Interested visitors also found out more about further INTECO Group members: INTECO TBR’s sales managers presented their gas coupling system and INTECO atec showcased their new ISEC (INTECO Smart Electrode Control).

INTECO receives an order for a special steel plant from Frisa

In April the Mexican company Frisa, a leading producer of rolled rings and open die forgings, awarded INTECO with the order to supply a special steel plant.

The new plant consists of an electric arc furnace (EAF), a ladle furnace (LF), a vacuum degassing plant (VD), a material handling system and an ingot casting (IC) area. In order to ensure high quality the plant engineering will be carried out by INTECO special melting technologies GmbH, the INTECO Group headquarters. Manufacturing will be awarded to renowned business partners. In addition high technology key components are delivered by various members of the INTECO Group:

Process Technology Int. (PTI), will equip the EAF with burners (PTI JETburnerTM), injection systems and sampling manipulators. In addition PTI’s swing door will be installed in the EAF.

Both EAF and LF will be operated with the INTECO atec automation electrode control ISEC. ISEC distinguishes itself through high energy efficiency as well as simple configuration and handling.

The start of the new steel plant is scheduled for beginning of 2016.

INTECO to built ESR plant for Uddeholm, Sweden

INTECO is very proud to announce that a contract for a 30t ESR plant signed with Uddeholms AB in Sweden has become effective in March 2014.

Though this is the first INTECO supply, this unit will represent the 10th remelting furnace to be installed by the Swedish company, the world’s biggest producer of ESR remelted tool steel. This most modern ESR furnace will be operated at a max. operation pressure of 3 bars and will be capable of remelting ingots with a max. diameter of 1250 mm and a weight of approx. 30 t. Additionally it will have all state-of-the-art features such as protective gas operation, a full coaxial high current line and a completely updated control system of newest generation.

The opportunity to deliver a second identical furnace has also been discussed, but this has to be decided depending on the market situation in the near future. INTECO´s entire staff is motivated and excited about this challenging project and will use this opportunity to demonstrate its leading position as a supplier of equipment and technology in the field of Electroslag Remelting.

A new and promising cooperation

The future cooperation between INTECO Group and Henan Xibao Metallurgy Materials Group Co. Ltd. was finalised and contractually stipulated in spring 2014.

Xibao is a group of companies with 3500 employees and one of the largest and leading manufacturers of metallurgical consumer goods on the Chinese market. The product range of the production company located in the Chinese province of Henan ranges from ferroalloys, refractory materials and casting powder to different types of slag, especially pre-melted slag for the ESR business. 210 steel plants in more than 20 countries are already purchasing products from Xibao.

Both companies stand to benefit from the joint cooperation agreement. TECTRADE will assume responsibility for the exclusive distribution of ESR slag and selected products in Europe for Xibao. As a global market leader in the construction of ESR plants, INTECO will use its existing contacts and  focus on the distribution of ESR slag, among other things. Xibao will offer technical sales support for the “Smart ESR” plant designed by INTECO and its subsidiary in Dalian specifically for the Chinese market.

Dr. Harald Holzgruber, CEO of INTECO, is also pleased about the cooperation: “Xibao and INTECO will both benefit from each other’s networks. There is also a great deal of mutual trust involved in this cooperation as the products of both companies stand for high quality and customer satisfaction.”



INTECO to built new VAR plant for BGH Lippendorf

After a short but productive negotiation period, an order for engineering and supply of a 10,5 t Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace (VAR) was placed by BGH Edelstahl Lippendorf GmbH.

The first INTECO plants for this longterm costumer were delivered in the 90s and as a result of close cooperation as well as excellent and fair teamwork the German special steel manufacturer again chose an INTECO solution. The VAR furnace is designed according to the latest technology and is equipped with a drip short control, a helium cooling system and the possibility to execute partial pressure remelting.

The installation of this project will start in October and the production of the first ingot is also scheduled for 2014.



First Heat at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Witten

In January 2014 the first heat at the new secondary metallurgical centre at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Witten was carried out. The melting process on the new treatment line’s ladle furnace and VD/VOD plant was realized without any major difficulties and delays.

This was the first important milestone of the start up phase, which took place according to schedule.

The first part of this large scale project comprised the revamping of the existing secondary metallurgical line and was finalized mid of 2012.



Start Up at Buderus Edelstahl GmbH

INTECO successfully commissioned the new material handling system for the secondary metallurgical plant at Buderus Edelstahl in Wetzlar (Germany) end of August 2013.

In addition to the supply and installation of the new alloying plant INTECO replaced the control and visualisation system of the existing material handling plant. The new entire complex is now also integrated into the steel plant‘s Level 2 system.

With the implemented extension of the alloying system it is now possible to charge additives simultaneously into the EAF as well as into the refining units.

The emphasised close cooperation between Buderus Edelstahl, INTECO and its subsidary INTECO atec automation was the key for a successful completion of the project in due time.




ESR plant at Ruspolymet

INTECO is very proud to announce that the contract for the ESR plant signed with Ruspolymet has become effective by October 2013.

This most modern unit will feature all state-of-the-art features such as protective gas operation, full coaxial high current line and a completely updated control system of newest generation. This plant will be designed in a most flexible configuration enabling the operation in collar molds (with electrode change) with a retractable base plate as well as in static molds (single electrode remelting).

Most of the electrodes will be produced in INTECO´s VIM furnace which will be already in production at the time when the ESR plant will be started up. The maximum ingot dimension has been defined with diameter of 750mm and a maximum weight of approx. 10 tons.

Following the request of Ruspolymet, INTECO shortened the delivery time by two months and will delivery this unique ESR furnace in May 2014.


Dongbei Special Steel signs FAC

End of September 2013 Dongbei Special Steel signed the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for the two ESR plants engineered and supplied by INTECO.

The smaller ESR furnace is designed for the production of ingots with a maximum diameter of 1100 mm and a max. weight of approx. 36t and the larger one enables to produce ingots with a maximum diameter of 1750mm and a max. weight of 100t. Both are short collar mold plants and include a retractable base plate with the option of installing INTECO’s patented CCM® (Current Conductive Mold) technology at a later stage.

A part of the manufacturing for this plant was carried out by INTECO Dalian, INTECO’s local production site located in Dalian, China.



INTECO Melting, Refining, Casting & Remelting Symposium 2013

On the occasion of INTECO’s 40th anniversary and TBR casting technologies’ 25th anniversary both companies hosted a get-together for the worldwide top class of steel- and special metallurgy industry. 24 speakers, all of them international experts presented new developments, progress and results in terms of melting and casting technology.

Around 150 participants joined the INTECO Symposium for the sessions and took also the opportunity to take part in the excursions to visit the steel plant of Metal Ravne and Breitenfeld.

THANK YOU to all of them – we hope to see you soon at our next event!


INTECO celebrates 40 year anniversary

In the style of James Bond INTECO special melting technologies held a gala dinner with the theme”40 years are not enough” on Thursday 19th of September at Hotel Böhlerstern, Kapfenberg.


Many international customers, business partners and employees followed the invitation and enjoyed a spectacular evening.


INTECO was founded in 1973 by Dr. Wolfgang and Dipl. Ing. Ludwig Schwarz as a small consulting company. In the last 40 years INTECO has grown to become a renowned group of businesses employing over 300 people all over the world and is managed by Dr. Harald Holzgruber, son of the former founder.



INTECO receives OHSAS 18001 certificate for the implementation of a safety and health management system

INTECO special melting technologies GmbH admits absolutely to the principle of sustainable development, whereat economic, ecological and social interests are considered in equal measure. The safety and health certification was aimed by INTECO in order to supplement the company`s integrated management system.In addition to the management fields of quality (ISO 19001) and environment (Ecoprofit) INTECO is certified relating to the field of safety and health as well. The certification of INTECO with the audit partner TÜV Nord Austria has been prepared for the last six months and is now finished.

With the objective to reach customer satisfaction through high and constant quality the protection of health and safety from each employee, the protection of third parties as well as the prevention from material and environmental damages are inseparably linked with each other.



New order for INTECO from voestalpine Stahl Linz

In April 2013 INTECO special melting technologies received an engineering contract from voestalpine Stahl Linz GmbH for the project Secondary Metallurgy No.4 for the steel plant LD3.

By receiving this order, INTECO continues its success story of the Secondary Metallurgy Project Nr. 3, which was completed in 2005/2006.  As the plant realized 8 years ago, the current project includes an RH vacuum system, a ladle furnace, an alloy plant and auxiliaries.

The implementation concept for this order differs from other projects in the steel industry, as the INTECO project team will do the engineering activities mainly at the site of voestalpine Stahl Linz. Experiences gained through the previous project have shown that excellent cooperation between the two project teams, short communication channels as well as a high quality engineering level are crucial for a successful outcome in all respects.

INTECO - Styria's best family run business

In May INTECO special melting technology was awarded the title “best family run business of Styria” by the Wirtschaftsblatt Austria. Dr. Harald Holzgruber, CEO, who runs INTECO in the second generation, had the great pleasure to accept this award. But also his father, Dr. Wolfgang Holzgruber, founder of the successful company is proud to receive this title.

Foto© Wirtschaftsblatt/Peroutka

INTECO sells shares of Thermal Technology LLC

Mid of May INTECO special melting technologies GmbH sold all of its shares of Thermal Technology LLC to the American company GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT).

GTAT is an American stock listed enterprise with a turnover of approx. 600 Mio US$, which develops furnaces for the solar industry and will go on marketing TT’s technology for the production of sapphire glass.

8t ESR plant at Outokumpu VDM GmbH, site Unna

Beginning of March 2013 INTECO received the order for another ESR project.
The company Outokumpu VDM ordered the supply of an ESR static mold plant with which ingots with a max. diameter of 600mm and a max. ingot weight of 8t can be produced.

Already in 2006 VDM ordered a to a great extent similar plant, which was delivered, assembled and started up in only 5 months time. This follow up project will be delivered within 7 months and will be erected in fall 2013

INTECO to build new Steelmaking Plant for TAEWOONG Corporation, South Korea

On February 20th, 2013, INTECO special melting technologies has received the order from TAEWOONG Corporation – Hwajeon Works to deliver the meltshop and ingot casting equipment for a new steel plant located in Busan, South Korea.


INTECO was selected to supply a 120-150 t Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace, Twin VD-VOD degasser, ingot casting equipment as well as a vacuum ingot casting plant.


The vacuum ingot casting plant is designed for ingot weights of more than 700 tons and thus will be for sure one of the biggest plants ever built.


Additional to the engineering and equipment INTECO will also supply a complete Level 2 process automation system for the steel plant.


The new Steelmaking Plant will be specialized in the production of ingots and blooms for the energy sector which are further processed to forged rings and shafts with very large diameters in the already existing works of TAEWOONG.


The order placement to INTECO for this technologically demanding process chain from the electric arc furnace to vacuum ingot casting of quality steels proves again the confidence in the competence of INTECO in this field.


The new Steelmaking Plant will be operative after 22 months in January 2015.



First Project from Ruspolymet for INTECO

With the order for engineering and delivery of a 3,5t multi chamber Vacuum Induction Melting and Pouring (VIMP®)-plant from the special steel manufacturer Ruspolymet, INTECO also received its first order from a Russian customer on the special metallurgy sector. The plant will feature separated chambers for melting, casting, material charging and tundish charging. Melting- and Casting chamber are of diagonal split design with moveable parts.

The casting chamber is equipped with a turntable enabling the casting of 1 to 6 ingots with a diameter from 190 to approx. 600mm and a maximum total mold height of 2700mm by top pouring of remelting electrodes as well as the possibility of casting forging ingots by bottom pouring method.

Start of erection will be in spring 2014.

This project will be the basis for a long term relationship with Ruspolymet, a renowned specialist in the production of special steel and superalloys, who will strengthen its international market position through further cooperation with INTECO.


Forgiatura A. Vienna signs Final Acceptance Certificate for INTECO plant

INTECO designed, delivered and commissioned the largest ESR plant in the company history for the Italian company Forgiatura A. Vienna. Beginning of 2013 the Final Acceptance Certificate was signed by the customer. With this facility, ESR ingots with a maximum weight of 250t and a diameter of 2600 mm can be remelted by means of electrode exchange technology comprising of up to 5 electrodes. As the customer had no prior ESR experience INTECO besides supplying the engineering of the facility, also delivered a considerable amount of process engineering and process know how, in order to establish this very complex electro slag remelting process.


SeAH Besteel signs FAC for second secondary metallurgy plant by INTECO

In 2011 SeAH Besteel appointed INTECO with the supply of a 150 ton ladle furnace and 150 ton VD plant for its Gunsan steel mill. After a ten month design and engineering phase, three month assembly as well as only a three month start up phase a new secondary metallurgical line was created.


This new installed plant now produces, only a few hundred meters away from its INTECO sister plants (finalized in 2009 and 2011),to the full satisfaction of the customer. Also the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) has already been signed.

First heat at Friedr. Lohmann GmbH, Germany

In April 2012 Friedr. Lohmann GmbH awarded INTECO with the turnkey supply of a 7 ton DETEM VD-VOD Degassing unit. By successfully carrying out the first heat beginning of January 2013 INTECO was able to manage the challenge of a 6 month only delivery time. The technology, investment as well as operational costs of the plant and reproducibility of high quality steel grades were the main criteria to select the DETEM degasser. Highlights of the plant are the mechanical vacuum pump system in combination with a new high temperature filter unit for the VD-VOD process.




JCFC signs FAC for 145 ton ESR plant

In 2009 INTECO was able to receive the order of one of Japan’s largest steel and forging companies for the engineering, design and supply of one 145 ton ESR plant with two furnace heads and two melting stations. After the completion of the engineering work in the end of 2010 and following on time assembly and start up phase the Final Acceptance Certificate was now signed by the customer.