INTECO special melting technologies was founded in 1973 by Dr. Wolfgang Holzgruber and DI Ludwig Schwarz, both former employees of Böhler&Co AG, under the name of INTECO- International Technical Consulting GmbH. The headquarters of the 100% privately owned company back then were already located in Bruck a. d. Mur, Styria. The company’s purpose was to offer customized solutions for turn-key plants or individual plant components for the production of alloyed and high quality steel and metal. INTECO wanted to became “THE” supplier of facilities for special steel plants.

With the delivery of the first Electro slag Remelting Plant for ingots with the diameter of 1000mm to Zelezarna Ravne in Slovenia and the worldwide first large-scale Pressure ESR plant for a German company INTECO continued on ist road to becoming a provider of innovative and customized plants.

In 1991 another INTECO patent, Electro Slag Heating (ESH), an innovative process for heating molten steel in the ladle and distributor, was implemented for the first time for the production of high speed steel powder for heavy duty at Södefors Powder AB. Due to the increasing problems of the European steel industry INTECO slightly realigned its business activities to non-European clients (mainly Asia).

Besides highly specialized and customized individual plants INTECO started at the beginning of the 90’s to broaden its product range to include large turn-key solutions.

Nevertheless INTECO sold the first Electro slag Rapid Remelting plant (ESRR), another unique process patented by INTECO to Acciarie Valbruna, Italy.

INTECO launched into the new millennium with an order for the largest project in the company’s history up to this point: Heavy Foundry Forge (H.F.F.) Iran contracted INTECO to engineer and build a complete Special Steel Plant in Esfarayan. In December 2002 INTECO International Technical Consulting GmbH was renamed INTECO special melting technologies GmbH. In addition, numerous projects were carried out in Germany and also in Austria, for example the ESR plant for Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG and a secondary metallurgy plant for voestalpine Stahl Linz.

Another well known client, RHI AG, helped INTECO with its first steps in China, ordering a refractory plant in Dalian. Additional projects in China and Korea followed. Due to the increase in demand on the Asian market, INTECO founded the subsidiary INTECO Dalian Ltd. During the following years, the company made further expansions, acquiring Thermal Technology LLC in Santa Rosa, California, INTECO vacuum technologies GmbH (before known as API GmbH) in Krefeld, Germany and TBR casting technologies GmbH in Leoben, Austria.

With the successful start up of the first “big” ESR plant in Germany with ingot weights of up to 145 ton another big step in terms of INTECO’s technological development was made. With this start up INTECO through close cooperation and teamwork with the client has again proved its role as leader on the market for liquid- and remelting metallurgy due to its innovative concepts and sensitiveness towards the customer’s needs.

Four further start ups of “big” ESR plants, with ingots weights up to 250 tons are scheduled.